Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Symmetry is lame.

Lately life has been filled with tons of Framesi classes. Based out of Italy, they really know their shit! All of the hair color is fused with Coconut oils, which leave the hair feeling Ah-mazing. Especially their Diamond Bleach, which has real diamond particles to buff the hair (removing build up), works quickly, and leaves the hair...well, definitely leaves it NOT feeling like you just ripped out all the color molecules. I mean lets be honest, bleaching often has the effect of throwing your hair into fire. Just for a minute or two.

But anyway, enough promoting, yesterdays color class involved making use of the La Spatula. How have I never used this magical creation??!

This is a random brand, I couldn't find a large picture of the Framesi La Spatula.
You essentially use it for a Balayage technique. Giving you that eternal summer time, natural highlight effect that everyone and their mother wants right now. Seriously, magical.

Part out your sections, weave/slice, than paint the strands on like the spatula is foil. Slowly moving the tool down the hair shaft as you apply. The difference is in the comb-like part up top, it separates the strands & distributes the lightener without clumps.
Just remember......mix your lightner to a (usually) too thick consistency.

After the class I decided to spend an hour of my day off to cut my oddly-colored mannequins hair.
Graduated Asymmetrical Bob
(one of my favorite cuts)

Back: 45 degree angle, using a stationary guide line to create the graduated effect from the center to the sides of the head. This side, I just pulled the hair back while cutting and tried to keep as much length at the tip as possible.

This side is simply a 0 degree, classic bob. I did go in and do a bit of a Round 90 just to remove bulk at the bottom line though.

Tomorrow I'll post a tutorial on how I do my color, something that's asked constantly by onlookers and professionals alike.
Till then!


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